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Deli Market News Spotlights February Top Picks

Deli Market News Spotlights February Top Picks

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Our editorial team is a microcosm of the consumer, leveled up by the tools of the trade, and polished by our love of specialty foods and the desire to bring together suppliers and manufacturers with buy-side operators. Each month, we bring you some of the personal top picks each team member has chosen, and today we bring you February’s—and my very own.

Check out what made my trade news writer heart thrum as we make our way through the first quarter of 2024.

Ficacci Olive Company Gourmet Jarred Antipasti

Come to Mama. Bringing to market a product line with a three-year shelf-life in shelf-stable conditions—Grandma’s Asparagus, Garlic Spread, Spicy Bomb, Sundried Tomatoes, Grilled Onions, Grilled Peppers, and more can make an appetizer tray a centerpiece. The flavor kick can propel any dish into a cross-merchandising dream in a deli department with endless possibilities.

Ficacci Olive Company continues to bolster its specialty portfolio with quality, convenience, and sustainability top of mind

Bell Chevre Spreadable Goat Cheese Cups

Did someone say goat cheese on the run? Belle Chevre brand’s new 1.5 oz goat cheese cups—available in Original and award-winning flavors Honey and Fig—make the cheese fan into a cheese lover. Everyone likes a little convenience, and this product is great for food delivery, ready-to-use snacks, airline fare, or bagel shop blessings. Just to name a few.

Belle Chevre has uncovered an advantageous new foodservice lineup

Bel Brands USA Limited-Edition Babybel Heart

It is easy to get romantic about cheese, and the limited-edition offering, the Babybel Heart, inspires our deep love of the category. Bel Brands USA’s Babybel label brought the differentiation once again with this industry favorite and upped its game with a new larger format Heart that’s serrated down the middle, bringing fun and play to the cheese destination. Plan for next year, buyers, and make a premium choice for holiday planning.

Bel Brands USA’s Babybel label rang in the occasion with a new, limited-edition offering: the Babybel Heart

Fratelli Beretta La Dolce Vita Holiday Platters

The consumer loves a specialty platter, especially one that takes a meal from an everyday occurrence to a festive celebration. And the ring at the register will love it more. These platters are ready to rock as is, or they can be spread out on a charcuterie board for an elevated presentation. It’s time to move past giving your shoppers options that just check the box. The La Dolce Vita Holiday Platters offer signature specialty meats and ingredients like olives, cheese, almonds, crackers, and more.

Fratelli Beretta’s La Dolce Vita holiday platters provide a host of opportunities with the Super Bowl, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more on the horizon

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company Quinta Cheese

I hope you are ready to make room in your cheese case, buy-side operators. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company Quinta Cheese is topped with California Bay Laurel leaves and offers a soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese experience. With an interior texture that is silky-smooth, it brings a sophisticated complement to a fluffy rind, that is also slightly firm. Intrigued? If I am, then your consumers definitely are.

Unique production processes and a high commitment to quality are just two of the factors that differentiate Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.’s dynamic portfolio

Thank you for taking a walk with me through the specialty foods aisle and deli. Until next time, cheers to food that makes this industry an art.