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FMI Announces Latest Board Appointments Encapsulating the Broader Food Landscape

FMI Announces Latest Board Appointments Encapsulating the Broader Food Landscape

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Collaboration is key during today’s challenging times, and bringing thought leaders to the forefront of the industry’s needs is a progressive way to cultivate success. FMI is taking up this ideal and adding new members to its Board of Directors from across all facets of the industry. The appointments were approved at the association's virtual board meeting to align with its goal of further connecting retailers, suppliers, and other business partners across the industry.

Leslie G. Sarasin, President and Chief Executive Officer, FMI“I am grateful for the imaginative leadership, the courageous perseverance, and the care our companies have displayed throughout this national crisis. Over the last eight months, our board leaders have had an opportunity to convene for productive, non-competitive dialog on everything from public policy matters to food and product safety concerns, and of course supply chain issues, ultimately keeping this nation fed and cared for during these demanding times,” said President and CEO Leslie G. Sarasin.

These new board leaders will include two new individuals from FMI’s product suppliers, bringing the total to 13 for 2020, and five new retailer and wholesaler leaders that will also join the board.

“FMI has successfully created an environment in which companies—both retailers and suppliers—can come together for honest exchanges, productive conversation, and opportunities to learn from each other, with the consumer ultimately being the beneficiary of this collaboration,” Sarasin added.

FMI is bolstering its ranks with the addition of new members to its Board of Directors

New retailer and wholesaler leaders include:

  • Tim Devanneyco, President, Highland Park Market
  • Bob Palmer, CEO, C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • John Laney, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager-Packaged Goods, Walmart
  • Lisa Roath, Senior Vice President, Merchandising, Food and Beverage, Target
  • Tony Sarsam, President and CEO, SpartanNash

New product supplier leaders are:

  • Tony Gavin, Executive Vice President, Bimbo Bakeries, USA
  • Shane Grant, Executive Vice President and CEO, Danone North America

FMI’s vision is to drive forth its member's mission to advocate, collaborate, and educate. As the association continues to move forward, Sarasin announced that new member expectations are in play to ensure that the association’s goals continue to advance.

Change is inevitable, and those sitting at the leading edge of that change will not only contribute but thrive.