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Fresh Thyme Market Announces New Logo and Campaign

Fresh Thyme Market Announces New Logo and Campaign

Monday, August 31st, 2020

While the face of the industry changes with the new challenges set forth by the pandemic, some companies are also changing their faces to reflect their own growth and perseverance. One such company is Fresh Thyme Market which has unveiled a new updated logo, as well as an exciting new advertising campaign. Kicking off on August 30, the first commercial of the series aired, broadcasting its new image for the world to see.

Tod Pepin, Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, Fresh Thyme Market"Fresh Thyme has always been a solution for healthy living, no matter the circumstance," said Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer, Tod Pepin. "As we all continue to navigate this new normal, Fresh Thyme is dedicated to helping people meet a new standard and heightened responsibility towards their own wellbeing. Our new logo and advertising campaign is an intentional evolution in that direction, and we are thrilled to share it with our community."

As consumer habits have changed and evolved over this past year, so has Fresh Thyme. According to a press release, as the retailer has metamorphosed, it wants to ensure that its new logo matches up with its purpose. Fresh Thyme aims to provide support for its community, while also helping people discover wellness solutions.

With a new company logo and advertising campaign, Fresh Thyme Market is proudly putting its updated mission on full display

To reflect these updates, Fresh Thyme turned to The Distillery Project to design its new logo. It is a fresh, simple twist on the logo of the past, and adds a sharpened look to it. The new logo simply, but strongly, reads Fresh Thyme Market, and features condensed white lettering on a green background, showing a commitment to freshness.

John Condone, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, The Distillery Project"It's always been hard for people to know what to do to stay healthy," said John Condon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Distillery Project. "It's such an important topic that there's a constant barrage of information. It can be confusing, contradictory, and sometimes come from pretty questionable sources. Now, more than ever, people are searching for some clarity. The pandemic has made us all more health conscious and more price sensitive. So, it just seemed an especially right time to remind people that Fresh Thyme has always stood for, 'Real healthy foods at real affordable prices.' And, that the single, most important thing any of us can do to keep ourselves and our families healthy is eat healthy foods. It's a simple basic truth, at a time when people really need it."

The new logo is accompanied by an invigorating new advertising campaign that headlines with the debut of its latest commercial. The ad is titled "This is Real," and features actual Fresh Thyme shoppers as the cast members. The commercial takes place in the retailer's home town of Chicago, Illinois, and aims to highlight diversity and uniqueness amongst all shoppers. It aired August 30 and will continue running in 18 Midwest markets.

As Fresh Thyme continues to expand its campaign across the market, what other updates will we see from the grocer? Keep reading Deli Market News to discover the answers to these intriguing questions and more.

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