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HP Hood Debuts Hood Cottage Cheese Whipped; Chris Ross Comments

HP Hood Debuts Hood Cottage Cheese Whipped; Chris Ross Comments

Friday, June 17th, 2022

We all love a good schmear on our bagels, and cream cheese is often what consumers turn toward. HP Hood is transforming the thick staple into a lighter affair with its latest offering: Hood Cottage Cheese Whipped.

Chris Ross, Senior Vice President of Marketing and R&D, HP Hood“The same rich and creamy taste with a lighter, smoother texture. Packed with 13 g of protein per serving and no added sugar, Hood’s Whipped Cottage Cheese makes for a great spread, topping, or dip,” Chris Ross, Senior Vice President of Marketing and R&D, tells Deli Market News. “We know that consumers are always looking for different taste experiences. This is especially true for cottage cheese lovers. Hood Whipped Cottage Cheese gives cottage cheese lovers a delicious new way to pair cottage cheese with their bagel, crackers, veggies, or other favorite snacks!”

HP Hood’s latest innovation will be available in a 16 oz tub and is the latest in a long line of sweet and savory flavors from the company’s Cottage Cheese offerings.

“Hood has an unmatched passion for all things cottage cheese. We bring that same passion to our Whipped Cottage Cheese recipe,” continued Chris. “Because it’s from Hood, consumers will know they are getting the perfect balance of flavor and texture in every delicious bite.”

HP Hood recently launched its latest spreadable offering: Hood Cottage Cheese Whipped

Rolling out now, this latest innovation expands usage occasions for shoppers, offering the perfect pairing as a delicious dip or spread, or enjoyed on its own by the spoonful as a protein-packed snack.

“We’ll be watching the success of this product closely to determine expansion plans. It’s available now at various retailers in New York and New England, which can be located at with the Store Locator. Look for more innovation from Hood in the future. We are excited to create even more ways for consumers to enjoy our cottage cheese.”

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