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Instacart Reveals Omnichannel and AI Solutions for Grocery; Asha Sharma Comments

Instacart Reveals Omnichannel and AI Solutions for Grocery; Asha Sharma Comments

Friday, September 8th, 2023

As someone who has used the Instacart platform a time or two, I can say for certain that it is a time saver for consumers. As the delivery maven continues to streamline its omnichannel experience, it recently made multiple changes across its Instacart storefront and Caper Carts.

Asha Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Instacart“We’ve long believed the future of grocery—and commerce in general—isn’t online or in-store, it’s both. And now, more than ever, it’s being supercharged with AI,” said Asha Sharma, Chief Operating Officer. “We know that omnichannel customers in particular are more valuable to retailers, which is why Instacart is developing more solutions that help retailers serve their customers no matter how they shop. And, good data is the foundation for good AI solutions for retailers.”

Instacart Storefront works with retailers such as Costco, Price Chopper/Market 32, and Tops Friendly Markets. The new platform includes AI-powered conversational search, so customers can ask open-ended questions directly in the search bar on retailers’ storefronts. This capability uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT alongside Instacart’s own product data and more than 150 proprietary AI models.

The grocery delivery platform recently announced multiple changes across its Instacart storefront and Caper Carts

Instacart is also introducing a new “In-Store” mode, which turns retailers’ apps into companions when customers shop in stores, according to a press release. Additionally, the Instacart Storefront includes new merchandising and marketing capabilities such as shoppable digital flyers, more self-serve capabilities, and better tooling and analytics.

Instacart also unveiled a number of new updates to its Caper Carts, which are already being deployed in stores across the United States by retailers such as Schnucks and Bristol Farms. They include:

  • Upgraded AI models that improve the speed and precision of camera and weight sensors
  • The ability to order made-to-order items like deli sandwiches or custom cakes directly from the carts
  • New in-store rewards for Caper Carts, so retailers can offer customers points, coupons, or badges
  • A new Caper Cart dock, which lets retailers provide a permanent place for Caper Carts to be stored and charged

For more information on the updates and comments from retailers, check out the press release here.

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