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Instacart Shares 2024 Consumer Trend Forecast

Instacart Shares 2024 Consumer Trend Forecast

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

How can we make the most of this year’s grocery trends as we prepare to kick off 2024? With the help of Instacart, that task will be less daunting for many retailers. The grocery partner recently released insights on the items that drove specialty food growth in 2023.

One trend undoubtedly caught our eye, as Instacart reported that “higher protein intake is on the rise.”

“Our survey found that of those who plan to make dietary changes in the new year, 39 percent want to eat a higher protein diet,” the company said in a recent release. “Instacart’s purchase data also signals that people are starting to reach for higher protein items and snacks. Fueling up on protein isn’t just a hunger buster; it may come with a host of health benefits.”

Analyzing rising trends for 2024, Instacart has predicted that higher protein intake is on the rise (Photo credit: Instacart)

The grocery ally reported that, over the past year, an assortment of unexpected proteins experienced cart share growth, including:

  • Canned mackerel (+71 percent growth)
  • Meat jerky (+16 percent)
  • Protein drinks (+10 percent)
  • Canned sardines (+9 percent)
  • Cottage cheese (+8 percent)
  • Greek and Icelandic yogurt (+3 percent)

These significant boosts signal that many will take a flavorful and experimental journey toward more diverse protein options in 2024.

To dig into Instacart’s full 2024 trend forecast, click here.

Deli Market News will continue reporting trends as 2023 comes to a close, so stick with us.