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The Japan Pavilion Unveils Budding Trends at Winter Fancy Food Show 2024

The Japan Pavilion Unveils Budding Trends at Winter Fancy Food Show 2024

Monday, February 19th, 2024

Attendees of the most recent Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS), hosted by the Specialty Food Association (SFA), were treated to The Japan Pavilion. This section of the show floor featured over 80 one-of-a-kind exhibitors. Japanese ingredients offered distinct flavors to pique culinary curiosity at the show, leaving us with a blueprint for potential trends in 2024.

Seafood or “blue foods” were abundant with a re-imagined live “sushi bar” featuring and serving over 10 varied types of fish—including sashimi brought in directly from Japan. Celebrity chefs entertained attendees with many types of seafood, including seabream, scallops, and snapper.

Citrus was a consistent theme throughout both the show and in the Japan Pavilion. Japanese yuzu is recognized for having an intense citrus flavor that can “accentuate and elevate” any dish, according to Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. Many products featuring this ingredient, such as Yuzu marmalade, as well as fresh pressed Yuzu and Yuzu syrup, salt, and confections were all highlights of the show.

At the Japan Pavilion at this year's Winter Fancy Food Show, several budding trends were in the spotlight

Aging and fermentation as a technique were highly prominent, as well as regenerative foods such as the Miyabi Sweet Potato, which naturally regenerates the soil.

Crunchy snacks were also a crowd favorite, a press release explained. Pink foods captivated guests, with beautiful pastel and pink shades of sakura sesame salt. Functional beverages also made an impact on those seeking healthy choices.

There are many ways in which we as an industry can fold these elements into our products. Will we see crossover creations?

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