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Kat Palange Discusses Retail Strategies for raincoast crisps Portfolio

Kat Palange Discusses Retail Strategies for raincoast crisps Portfolio

Monday, December 11th, 2023

My favorite thing about the winter months is the abundance of seasonal flavors hitting the specialty department. Pumpkin spice and gingerbread and spiced pear are currently tantalizing taste buds as raincoast crisps harnesses the surefire sales rush of the holiday season.

Kat Palange, Category Manager, U.S. Marketing, Dare Foods“Familiar ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds, are the stars of the raincoast crisps show, transforming any snacking occasion into a gourmet moment,” shares Kat Palange, Category Manager, U.S. Marketing at Dare Foods, noting that what truly sets raincoast crisps apart is the brand’s emphasis on ingredient quality. “The seasonal crisps are no exception: Our pumpkin spice variety is loaded with real pumpkin seeds, pecans, and Thompson raisins. Similarly, our gingerbread and spiced pear crisps are packed with inclusions like dried pears and almonds that consumers can not only taste but see as well! In a season where décor reigns supreme, these crisps are the quintessential edible accessories to any board or appetizer plate.”

So, what’s the best way to merchandise these flavor-forward seasonal offerings? Kat recommends optimizing those fall-, pumpkin spice-, or holiday-themed displays to showcase the limited-time products.

Utilizing a two-wave merchandising strategy, retailers are driving holiday sales with raincoast crisps’ pumpkin spice and gingerbread and spiced pear varieties

“Not only does this help consumers find a variety of seasonal items all in one spot, but it can also drive trial and discovery of our items for consumers who didn’t have us on their list but are drawn to seasonal offerings,” she states.

Retailers also benefit from spotlighting raincoast crisps’ portfolio with a two-wave merchandising strategy. The brand’s first wave of the pumpkin spice variety begins in August and runs through the end of October, with the second wave of gingerbread and spiced pear running in November through the end of December.

“Our two-wave strategy helps ensure retailers can sell and promote flavors that are relevant to the neighboring, yet distinct seasons of fall and winter,” Kat explains. “The back-to-back nature of these features enables retailers to effectively transition from pumpkin spice season to gingerbread season while effortlessly meeting consumers’ ever-changing needs.”

raincoast crisps recommends optimizing fall-, pumpkin spice-, and holiday-themed displays to showcase the limited-time products

Beyond these enticing varieties, raincoast also recently launched a new line of Almond Flour Crisps, which are naturally gluten-free and sure to satisfy holiday cravings.

“raincoast crisps has delivered authentic artisanal foods for over 20 years and to this day bakes everything from scratch. We’re committed to only offering anything but ordinary combinations and will always serve as a delightful snack to elevate any occasion,” Kat adds. “All of our products include a small-batch label of authenticity on every package as a reminder to consumers that we hand-pack every box.

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