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KeHE Distributors to Host 2024 Holiday Show in Chicago

KeHE Distributors to Host 2024 Holiday Show in Chicago

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

The holidays during summer may sound like a fantasy, but KeHE Distributors is making it a reality with its 2024 Holiday Show. The distributor is currently holding the show in Chicago, Illinois. It can also be accessed virtually from June 10–21 on the proprietary platform, KeHE CONNECT®.

Deb Conklin, President and Chief Executive Officer, KeHE Distributors“Our Holiday Shows would be incomplete without the diligent efforts of our esteemed suppliers, retailers, and partners who collaborate with us to present premium products on the shelves,” said Deb Conklin, President and Chief Executive Officer. “These shows offer a valuable chance to explore the food distribution industry's future and share thoughts with other industry leaders. I’m eager to give my State of the Industry address, where I’ll delve deeper into industry trends and how that will inform KeHE’s strategy going forward.”

The highly anticipated show will feature 800 exhibitors with over 5,000 attendees invited, including industry leaders, according to a press release. KeHE invites its retail partners to delve into a carefully curated selection of products and brands to discover what will drive purchasing among consumers for their brands. In turn, suppliers will have a chance to create meaningful connections with prospective buy-side customers.

The distributor will hold its upcoming show in Chicago, Illinois, from June 12–13, as well as virtually from June 10–21 on the proprietary platform, KeHE CONNECT®With exclusive deals, industry trends, merchandising solutions, and community-building activities featured during the show, KeHE experts on how products can elevate store offerings will also be on hand. KeHE’s Fresh Marketplace, which debuted in February in Salt Lake City, Utah, will also be featured at the Holiday Show providing over 30 sample offerings so attendees can experience the distributor's line of fresh products and find exclusive deals.

The KeHE Show & Trends guide offers further product highlights and merchandising solutions to drive purchasing. Those buying will also find exclusive national and show-only deals for both center store and fresh/perimeter products.

Find out more about the event here.

Be sure to be there and start preparing early for the holiday season, your shoppers will thank you in advance.

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