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Laura Chenel Takes Home First Place at ACS

Laura Chenel Takes Home First Place at ACS

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Laura Chenel dominated the goat cheese category this year at the American Cheese Society Judging and Competition. The company is two for three in taking home the gold the past three years. With first place in the fresh goat cheese medallion category, second place in the aged goat cheese category, and third place in the flavored fresh goat cheese category, Laura Chenel was recognized as an industry leader.

Eric Barthome, CEO, Laura Chenel's"We are incredibly proud of our cheesemakers and the whole team,” said CEO Eric Barthome. “These cheeses exemplify the team's hard work and expertise as well as the incredible milk of our regional farmers."

The company also celebrated its 40th year making goat cheese as the judges made their decisions. The American Cheese Society Competition welcomed over 1,400 cheese gurus from the United States, Canada, and Europe for a networking opportunity with industry-leading cheesemakers. Laura Chenel was one of the 257 cheese companies who participated in the competition, all of which totaled 1,742 products entered for judging.

The following cheeses won awards at this year's competition:

Laura Chenel Original Medallion (3.5 oz)

First Place: Original Medallion

The Original Medallion won first place winner in the fresh goat cheese medallion category. It is a creamier version of the log that earned the company its reputation.

Laura Chenel Crottin (2.5 oz)

Second Place: Crottin

The Crottin was a second place winner in the aged goat cheese category. It is made with fresh, local goat's milk.

Laura Chenel Garlic & Chive Log (5.4 oz)

Third place: Garlic & Chive Log

The Garlic & Chive Log won third place in the flavored fresh goat cheese category. It was newly introduced earlier this year.

Laura Chenel’s award-winning cheeses can be found at a variety of specialty grocery and cheese shops nationwide. Deli Market News sends our congratulations to the company!

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