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Lidl Great Britain Hits 860 Mark With 20 New Stores, Remaining On Track to Reach 1,000 Locations by the End of 2023; Christian Härtnagel Discusses

Lidl Great Britain Hits 860 Mark With 20 New Stores, Remaining On Track to Reach 1,000 Locations by the End of 2023; Christian Härtnagel Discusses

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Having a plan is essential to scalable growth, and Lidl has this concept down pat. The retailer is honing in on its footprint in Great Britain with its most recent expansion, building on a push for 1,000 stores by the end of 2023 with its opening of 20 new locations so far in 2021—positioning Lidl comfortably at 860 stores thus far.

Christian Härtnagel, Chief Executive, Lidl Great Britain (Photo credit: Christopher Pledger, The Telegraph)“We are calling on developers and landlords up and down the country to help find potential sites for us to build Lidl stores, which demonstrates the continued ambition we have to further expand our store portfolio across the nation. Despite the challenges of the past year, we still managed to meet our ambitious target of opening, on average, one new store per week across Great Britain,” said Christian Härtnagel, CEO at Lidl GB. “We are looking forward to opening more stores throughout the country and welcoming new colleagues in the coming months and years, so that more communities can access high quality food at the lowest prices on the market.”

To support its goal of reaching 1,000 new stores, Lidl has formed a £1.3 billion ($1.55 billion) investment plan for 2021 and 2022, according to a press release. The plan also includes the opening of 50 new stores throughout 2021, creating more than 2,000 new jobs.

As preparation for this ambitious strategy, the retailer has published its annual list of desired locations across the country where it is interested in acquiring sites for store development. This year, the focus has been on town centers, edge of center, retailer parks, and metropolitan locations. The list is aimed at landowners and freeholders with suitable sites who are interested in exploring opportunities with Lidl.

Lidl is looking to expand its reach in Great Britain to encompass 1,000 stores by the end of 2023, pushing 20 new store openings in 2021 to reach 860 locations overall

Despite pandemic restrictions, Lidl’s expansion has continued at pace. So far, the retailer has opened more than 20 new stores across the country.

All stores will feature solar panels on the exterior to provide renewable energy for the location, in addition to electric vehicle charging stations. The sites will also become part of Lidl’s food redistribution program, Feed It Back, which donates surplus food to those in need within local communities.

Will we soon see a similar growth strategy taking shape in the States? Keep an eye out as DMN delivers the freshest industry news.