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Lidl Signs New 15.1M-Dollar Deal With Fresh Food Supplier Willowbrook; Enya Rooney and John McCann Discuss

Lidl Signs New 15.1M-Dollar Deal With Fresh Food Supplier Willowbrook; Enya Rooney and John McCann Discuss

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Consumers are always on the lookout for fresh, healthy, and convenient foods to throw into their baskets. Lidl Northern Ireland is putting in every effort to meet these demands, as it recently announced an expanded supply deal with Willowbrook Foods. This move nearly doubles Lidl’s contract as it reports a more than $15 million (£11 million) commitment to the partnership.

Enya Rooney, Senior Buyer, Lidl Northern Ireland“We have a long-standing partnership with Willowbrook Foods and, over the years, have seen the company enjoy exponential growth,” Enya Rooney, Senior Buyer at Lidl Northern Ireland, said. “As a supporter of local agri-food producers, we’re delighted to reaffirm our commitment to the partnership and provide a significant sales boost through this expanded new contract.”

According to local source The Irish News, Willowbrook is well-known in Ireland for its salad, vegetable, and deli processing operations. As Lidl expands this contract from its previous deal worth over $8 million (£6 million), the retailer will welcome a whopping 25 new Willowbrook product lines to its store shelves, which includes a new range of deli offerings.

Lidl Northern Ireland has announced an expanded supply deal with Willowbrook Foods

“Willowbrook Foods is continually innovating to introduce new lines in response to changing consumer demand,” Rooney continued. “We’ve seen a real increase in demand for our fresh convenience foods range and we’re excited to now launch an expanded line of great-tasting, home-grown salads, cold deli foods, and stir fry meals to thousands of customers across the island of Ireland.”

This momentous deal will help to fortify Willowbrook’s fresh footprint across Ireland as it pursues even further expansion across the country. Its success thus far can be attributed in part to its investment in a New Product Development hub as well as a cooking facility where the company manufactures its pre-made meals, the news source stated.

John McCann, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Willowbrook Foods“Over the last 50 years, we've focused on mastering our craft of growing the highest quality, great-tasting vegetables and continually developing our product offering,” John McCann, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Willowbrook Foods, said. “Key to our success is our established partnership with Lidl Northern Ireland. As the region’s fastest-growing supermarket, we’ve been able to realize our ambitious growth plans, break into new markets, reach new customers, and grow our brand exponentially through the partnership. Willowbrook Foods is delighted to secure this increased supply deal with Lidl Northern Ireland and embark on a new period of growth whilst providing its 300,000 weekly shoppers in the region with a fantastic new range of locally grown, quality products to enjoy.”

New expansions in the deli section always keep our antennas up, so keep a lookout for more news in store.

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