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Lidl Tests Brand-New Store Concept in Belgium

Lidl Tests Brand-New Store Concept in Belgium

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

They often say that you’ll never know until you try, and this is especially true in the case of Lidl’s most recent growth strategy. The retailer began testing a new store format in Lokeren, Belgium, which emphasizes the significance of each “food world” that resides within grocery departments. In addition, the new concept store brings an abundance of convenience to the consumer shopping experience.

“We have noticed that customers have been in a hurry in recent years and do not always feel like spending a lot of time on the necessary shopping. Still, they want to eat fresh and healthy food,” said Isabelle Colbrandt, Head of Communication and PR for Lidl Belgium. “With this new test concept, we want to make shopping efficient but pleasant and above all inspire our customers about what is on their plate.”

Lidl is setting its course for expansion by recently announcing that it will be unveling a new retail format in the Belgian city of Lokeren

The new Lidl test store will be opening at Dijkstraat 31 in Lokeren, and was built in a six-month time span, according to a press release. Sitting at just over 16,000 square feet, the store offers a spacious area for consumers to do their shopping.

Lidl also incorporated new decorations for the format that provided a warm atmosphere for those who enter. Using wooden furniture, the new store will bring warmth to not only customers, but the 26 employees who have started at the new location.

Upon entering the test store, everything is simply laid out, allowing customers to easily navigate the space. A special corner of the store features recipes from 'De Keuken van Lidl,' inspiring customers in terms of their dishes. In the dining world, shoppers will find a selection of fresh meat, poultry, as well as veggie and vegan products. The breakfast world features a more extensive fresh bakery as well as self-scan checkouts that make it easy for customers with little time to pay for a limited amount of items quickly.

Sitting at just over 16,000 sqaure feet, the Lidl store offers a spacious area for consumers to do their shopping

“We are very pleased to be able to test this new concept for the first time in the second most important city in Waasland. The residents of Lokeren have been familiar with their Lidl for years, and now we offer them a surprising new concept. The first reactions are full of praise. For the time being, there are no plans to expand the store concept further to other stores. We want to test it first and measure the experiences of customers and employees,” continued Colbrandt.

The new store layout and concept fall fully in line with Lidl’s strategies to reduce plastics and food waste by 2025.

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