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Loblaw Companies Limited Announces Recent Election of Directors

Loblaw Companies Limited Announces Recent Election of Directors

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020

Loblaw has been on the lookout for its ideal leadership qualities as it scouted new Directors to add to its team. The company recently announced that it has identified those leadership qualities in its latest additions, rolling out a new team of Directors with their sights set on domination of the Canadian market. Loblaw will now have 12 new members join the leadership roster of its Board of Directors.

According to a press release, Loblaw recently held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on April 30, 2020. At the virtual meeting, the company announced that the nominees elected from the management proxy circular dated March 13, 2020, were all named new Directors.

Loblaw Companies recently strengthened its leadership fleet by appointing 12 new Directors to its Board

The list of nominees is as follows:

  • Paviter S. Binning
  • Scott B. Bonham
  • Warren Bryant
  • Christie J.B. Clark
  • Daniel Debow
  • William A. Downe
  • Janice Fukakusa
  • M. Marianne Harris
  • Claudia Kotchka
  • Beth Pritchard
  • Sarah Raiss
  • Galen G. Weston

Click here for more information regarding the nominations.

How will this new lineup of Directors propel Loblaw to the front of its retail class? Keep a tab open for Deli Market News as we investigate.