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McDonald’s Reveals Leadership Transitions

McDonald’s Reveals Leadership Transitions

Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Foodservice giant McDonald’s is hitting the newswires with a bang as it announced several new appointments amongst its executive ring. Recently, the company announced five new appointments on its roster, naming Tariq Hassan as Chief Marketing and Digital Customer Experience Officer for McDonald’s USA; Morgan Flatley will be promoted to Global Chief Marketing Officer; Alistair Macrow, the current Global Marketing Chief, will become Chief Executive for the U.K. and Ireland; Paul Pomroy will transition to his new role as Corporate Senior Vice President, International Operated Markets; and Manu Steijaert as the Global Chief Customer Officer.

Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing and Digital Customer Experience Officer, McDonald’sHassan joins McDonald’s from Petco Health & Wellness, where he recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer. According to The Wall Street Journal, Hassan will work to improve the customer experience as consumers look to move easily between eating on-site, using drive-throughs, and ordering delivery.

Noted in the company’s release, Hassan has over 20 years of experience working with global brands across a variety of categories.

Recently, McDonald’s announced five new appointments on its executive ring, promoting four executives from within and adding a new Chief to the roster

As Hassan succeeds Flatley in her current position, she will transition to the role of Global CMO.

Morgan Flatley, Global Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’sKnown for her strategic vision and acumen for building iconic brands, Flatley has played an integral role in advancing McDonald’s customer growth strategies since she joined the company in 2017, as noted in the company’s announcement. In her new role, she will oversee global brand, menu strategy, family marketing, media partnerships, and customer and business insights.

While Flatley assumes her new role, Macrow will step into the position of Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I). Macrow has deep experience in the U.K. market, having previously held executive leadership roles in the U.K. and international markets, including Chief Marketing Officer and Corporate Vice President, IOMs, where he directed marketing strategy for McDonald’s International division.

Alistair Macrow, Chief Executive for the U.K, McDonald’s Macrow first joined McDonald’s in 2007 after 15 years in marketing and business leadership roles with the U.K. and International retailers.Pomroy will transition from Chief Executive Officer for the UK&I into the role of Corporate Senior Vice President, International Operated Markets. In this role, Pomroy will oversee the 12 markets in McDonald’s International Operated Markets Business Unit (IOM BU).

Paul Pomroy, Corporate Senior Vice President, McDonald’sAs noted in the release, Pomroy has been a key member of the McDonald’s team for 25 years and in that time has held a variety of leadership roles. In his most recent position, he has led the UK&I business through a period of strong and sustainable growth, delivering successful customer-led plans that have seen sales increase by over 70 percent in the last seven years, and the market recognized as a System leader in brand trust.

Rounding out the list of transitions is Steijaert, who will be stepping in as McDonald’s first Global Chief Customer Officer.

Manu Steijaert, Global Chief Customer Officer, McDonald’sIn a separate report from the WSJ, Steijaert joined the company in 2001 and was most recently the Vice President of International Operated Markets. The son of a former McDonald’s owner-operator in Belgium, Steijaert began working at his parents’ restaurants in 1987. During his corporate career at McDonald’s, he has managed operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France.

With a new executive team roster shaping up, how will the foodservice giant continue to accelerate its growth? Deli Market News will keep an eye on the wire.