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Meijer Expands Innovative Checkout Option

Meijer Expands Innovative Checkout Option

Friday, August 2nd, 2019

Convenience is still one of the major concerns on a consumer's mind. With retailers like Amazon offering practically immediate delivery, brick-and-mortar grocers are still holding fort. Walmart first began testing its Scan & Go concept in 2017 with an app allowing consumers to scan items’ barcodes as they shop, pay by mobile phone, and leave without going through the standard checkout counter. Kroger followed suit in December of that year, with its own Scan, Bag, Go program. Now, Meijer has begun a full-scale expansion of its attempt to implement a similar checkout model, Shop & Scan—removing the human interaction in another major retailer.

Tom Wilson, Regional Vice President, Meijer"We're all challenged by time and busy schedules, so Shop & Scan allows customers the opportunity to truly be in control of their shopping trip, from the moment they walk in our stores to the minute they walk out," said Tom Wilson, Regional Vice President. "Customers are appreciative of the simplicity of scanning and bagging as they go because they can save time and avoid lines, speeding up their checkout experience."

The press release states shoppers must first download the free Meijer Mobile App. As they shop, customers will scan the barcodes on the items they wish to purchase and bag their own groceries. The app will display a running total of the items purchased, so shoppers can keep track of the items they buy. Once their shopping is completed, they can then scan their phone at a self-checkout lane, pay, and be on their way.

Meijer has launched a full-scale expansion of its Shop & Scan checkout model—and public response has been very favorable 

The Meijer Mobile app has already been downloaded 1.1 million times since the initial Shop & Scan pilot launched in Michigan last year. Since then, reportedly more than 80 percent of the retailer’s customers have used the Shop & Scan app as part of their experience, indicating they most enjoyed the program’s integrated shopping list and ability to clip available Meijer member reward coupons, mPerks, to scanned items.

Available now in 179 of its stores throughout Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Meijer is still planning on continuing to roll out the Shop & Scan program to more stores this year.

Will this tech upgrade bring a new breed of consumer to Meijer stores? Deli Market News will continue to report.