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Melt Organic Plant-Based Butter Enters Foodservice Market

Melt Organic Plant-Based Butter Enters Foodservice Market

Thursday, May 6th, 2021

As restrictions continue to relax and more foodservice operations begin reopening, consumers are still on the lookout for plant-based offerings in their menus. Melt Organic is making the switch easier for the foodservice channel as it brings its successful plant-based butter to the sector. The company has partnered with Elohi Strategic Advisors to help lead its entry into the foodservice channel.

Scott Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Melt Organic“The Melt formula perfectly balances the flavor and function of dairy butter while maintaining the health, allergen, and environmental focuses of a plant-based product,” said Scott Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Melt. “We’re excited to expand into foodservice with Stephanie Lind and the entire Elohi Strategic Advisors team shepherding our growth in this important and complex channel.”

Melt Organic Butter is a perfected dairy-free, plant-based butter formula, making it an ideal option for cooking and baking across restaurants, college campuses, and the menus of other non-commercial operations worldwide. According to the release, Melt Organic butter is ideal not only for vegan and flexitarian menu items but for serving allergen-friendly, health-focused, and sustainable menu needs across the foodservice channel. The product is free from the top eight allergens, Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, Kosher Pareve, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Stephanie Lind, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, Elohi Strategic Advisors“The opportunity for plant-based butter is practically endless across all consumer demographics and menu applications,” said Lind, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer for Elohi. “The need for dairy-free and vegan products continues to rise across all foodservice sectors, and Melt’s excellent performance for both baking and cooking—along with its fantastic taste—makes it the perfect plant-based alternative for any menu.”

At their core, Melt and Elohi are both dedicated to animal product alternatives; promoting plant-based, better-for-you products; and environmental responsibility. Melt Organic Butter is not only better for consumers than its dairy counterpart, noted the release, but it is sustainably crafted and results in lower carbon emissions—it is Melt’s way of doing better via butter.

Melt Organic has partnered with Elohi Strategic Advisors to help lead its entry into the foodservice channel

As a Certified B Corporation, Melt is verified at meeting the highest standards for social and environmental responsibility within a for-profit company.

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