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Mondelēz International Releases Fifth Annual State of Snacking™ Report; Dirk Van de Put and Martin Renaud Comment

Mondelēz International Releases Fifth Annual State of Snacking™ Report; Dirk Van de Put and Martin Renaud Comment

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Mondelēz International once again brings its fifth annual State of Snacking™ report to light. The report offers annual insights on how consumers make snacking decisions; so far, this year’s report reveals that, amid global economic uncertainty, consumers continue to prioritize, purchase, and prefer snacks.

Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mondelēz International“The trend lines of the past half-decade of our State of Snacking report reinforce that despite a continued dynamic environment and changing preferences, snacking remains an integral pillar in the lives of global consumers,” said Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mondelēz International. “As a more intentional consumer evolves, embracing mindful snacking, we continue to help empower them with choices across our brands as we aim to become a global snack leader.”

Developed in partnership with The Harris Poll, this report was initially launched five years ago in support of Mondelēz International’s mission to lead the future of snacking.

Mondelēz International’s annual State of Snacking™ report offers insights into how consumers are making snacking decisions

This year’s State of Snacking findings reveal that snacking behaviors continue to grow, including notable growth in mindful snacking, with the chocolate category in particular closely associated with joy.

According to a press release, consumers are snacking in the following ways:

  • Consistently: snack spending remains unchanged with two-thirds (66 percent ) of consumers agreeing they have not made significant changes to their spend on snacks, despite being more conscious of price
  • Mindfully: 85 percent of consumers report they regularly savor a snack’s taste, flavor, and texture while eating; 78 percent say they appreciate snacks more when consumed mindfully
  • Adventurously: consumers surveyed are leveraging social media (62 percent) and searching for novelty, with six in 10 considering themselves “snack adventurers” who like to try new snacks
  • Purposefully: over two-thirds of global consumers agree they often choose brands that align with their values, fueling a rising appetite for snacks with sustainability benefits

Martin Renaud, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Mondelēz International“We have seen that snacking has helped consumers navigate the last five years,” said Martin Renaud, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Mondelēz International. “At Mondelēz International, we continue to work toward meeting the rising demand for more sustainable snacking options and mindful snacking, as the category remains a consistent daily ritual.”

Additional findings from the 2023 State of Snacking report and State of Snacking: Future Trends report can be found here.

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