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Nibmor Tackles Growth

Nibmor Tackles Growth

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Becoming a dark chocolate lover was one of the healthiest things I did in 2020. While I am certainly at the tail-end of this trend, demand for dark chocolate continues to grow as consumers seek out healthy indulgences. Nibmor is one company meeting that demand with its line of better-for-you snacking chocolate squares. The company has some exciting plans in the works this year, and I recently had the chance to chat with Prabha Cheemalapati, the company’s CEO.

Prabha Cheemalapati, Chief Executive Officer, Nibmor“We've seen incredible demand for Nibmor over the past year. Dollar sales of our snacking bags were up nearly 30 percent in 2020, and sales of our drinking chocolates were up 10 percent in the second half,” Prabha explained. “Our e-commerce business also saw robust growth, with dollar sales up by more than 50 percent across Amazon and our own website. COVID clearly played a part in the growth of our e-commerce business, with more consumers shopping from home.”

The dark chocolate category, particularly, has grown over the past few years as consumers are seeking products with low sugar levels, no dairy (vegan), and a strong health halo. Nibmor is seeing low and no sugar chocolates posting incredible growth on the heels of trends such as keto-friendly diets. With three grams of sugar (or less) per square, Nibmor chocolates are benefitting from the increasing consumer demand for low and no sugar chocolates.

As it continues to bolster its presence in the dark chocolate category, Nibmor has plans to revamp its packaging and launch new products

Building on this rise in demand, Nibmor has several exciting initiatives that will be rolling out this year. The company will be refreshing its whole portfolio with a new look highlighting the products’ better-for-you credentials in a playful way. Additionally, Nibmor is launching a new flavor in its snacking bags, Mint, currently only available in the dark chocolate snacking bars. Nibmor will also be kicking off a marketing campaign that celebrates the guilt-free indulgence of its products.

“Each visual element that will be seen on our new packaging has been picked with purpose and designed to differentiate the brand within the chocolate category,” Prabha continued. “With this redesign, we aim to communicate three core things: appetite appeal via the chocolate’s mouth-watering toppings; the product’s bite-sized shape; and the iconic brand name front and center. This new packaging is expected to be seen online in late March and will be phasing into retail during the month of April.”

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