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Publix Takes Over Former Winn Dixie Store in South Tampa

Publix Takes Over Former Winn Dixie Store in South Tampa

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

In Florida, there’s no place like home—unless that place is Publix. The retailer is well known for being the crowning jewel of grocers in the state, and even more so now that it has taken over a former Winn Dixie store site in Tampa, Florida, located a mile away from another Publix location.

As reported on by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Publix will utilize 48,848 square feet of the 66,800 square feet at the 4315 W. Gandy Blvd location. The news source noted that the retailer is also trying to build a drive-thru Publix pharmacy window for the site—because you can’t have enough convenience.

The newest addition to Publix's roster of stores is one that is taking over a former Winn Dixie storefront

However, Publix has competitive neighbors nearby: Walmart and Target are both situated between Publix’s two locations on West Gandy Boulevard. That’s not to say Publix is outnumbered, however, as the grocer is also working on another new store five miles away in a former Sports Authority location, which is expected to open early 2020.

As Publix continues to flex in its home turf, will all the brick-and-mortar movement startle the competition out of the Florida market? Or are a few of its competitors eyeing what many have deemed Publix territory? Deli Market News will continue to report.