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Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens New Location in Bakersfield, California; Agnes Briones Details

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Opens New Location in Bakersfield, California; Agnes Briones Details

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

California’s bakery scene just got a bit more exciting, as Filipino dessert provider Red Ribbon Bakeshop has opened its doors in the state’s central hub of Bakersfield. Having officially opened on August 28, the store brings traditional offerings to the Filipino-American community and welcomes U.S. consumers to diversify their dessert menu.

Agnes Briones, Business Unit Head, Red Ribbon Bakeshop"For many Filipinos, no holiday, family gathering, or special occasion is complete without a delicious cake or welcoming spread of pastries from Red Ribbon," said Agnes Briones, Business Unit Head. "In addition to serving Bakersfield's close-knit Filipino community, we look forward to introducing our brand to new customers throughout the city who want to treat themselves and their families to a new and exciting twist on traditional bakery favorites."

The Bakersfield store is Red Ribbon's first location in the Central California region and is located at 5624 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, CA 93309, within the Stockdale Village Shopping Center. While Red Ribbon is best known for its selection of super-tasting, beautifully crafted cakes, it also features an enticing lineup of pastries that can be enjoyed every day, a press release explained.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is expanding its brick-and-mortar presence, opening its doors in Bakersfield, California

Red Ribbon features several options that showcase the brand's unique cultural heritage and culinary roots, including these best-sellers:

Shareable Cakes

  • Mango Supreme Cake – Made with the Philippines' best mangos and features three layers of moist white chiffon cake filled with white cream and a mango-filled glaze
  • Ube Overload Cake – Made with real Philippine ube halaya or purple yam and is covered with delectable white cream frosting and bright purple ube cake crumbs
  • Yema Caramel Cake – Soft, moist white chiffon filled and covered with yema (Philippine custard) caramel and finished with toasted cashew nuts

Snackable Pastries

  • Butter Mamon – Provides the perfect blend of moist chiffon and 100 percent butter
  • Cheesy Ensaimada – Offers soft, moist bread topped with butter, sugar, and cheese
  • Chicken Empanada – Savory dough generously filled with delectable chicken and a unique blend of spices

The Bakersfield store is Red Ribbon Bakehouse's first location in the Central California region and stocks the company's best hits from beautifully crafted cakes to enticing pastries

For those who simply want to treat their taste buds to a unique twist on more familiar flavors Red Ribbon offers several stand-out options for both special occasions and everyday enjoyment, including:

  • Black Forest Cake – Layers of liqueur-moistened chocolate cake, brimming with maraschino cherries and cream, rich chocolate shavings and chocolate curls
  • Mocha Flan – Rich moist mocha chiffon cake topped with delicious, creamy leche flan
  • Choco Mocha Crunch – Chocolate chiffon cake filled with honeycomb candy and finished with rich mocha cream

Red Ribbon’s baked goods are available through a variety of ordering options, including to-go or through the following online channels: the Red Ribbon Ordering app, the Red Ribbon website, and DoorDash. Red Ribbon also offers nationwide shipping.

As the bakery scene continues to evolve, Deli Market News will keep you in the loop.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop

Mifroma - Le Gruyere AOP Shreds - A great topping on a sliced baguette along with your favorite fruit spreadWCMA - World Championship Cheese Contest 2023

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