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Saputo Dairy USA Launches New Italian Cheese Line Under Stella® Brand

Saputo Dairy USA Launches New Italian Cheese Line Under Stella® Brand

Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Hitting the century mark as a brand is no small feat, and to ring in this exciting milestone, Saputo Dairy USA has launched a new line. Celebrating its Stella® brand’s 100th anniversary, the dairy supplier has revealed two new imported Italian cheeses to honor the brand’s legacy.

As Stella Cheese comes up on its 100th year, the brand is reflecting on the full-flavored, traditional recipes that spurred its success with its new cheeses. The Stella Import collection is the embodiment of its heritage, featuring rich, flavorful cheeses that will transport consumers back to northern Italy where the brand’s journey began.

Saputo Dairy USA recently rolled out a new line to celebrate its 100 year anniversary, the Stella Import collection

Included in this new line are:

  • Stella Parmigiano Reggiano Wedge and Shredded Cup – Aged an extra 10 months to allow for increased flavor development during the maturation process, this cheese is characterized by its rich flavor and compact, granular texture
  • Stella Grana Padano Wedge – Aged an extra 5 months to give the cheese “medium seasoning.” It’s mellow and nutty taste will complement other flavors

The new PDO-certified Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheeses imported from northern Italy will be available to sample at the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 6–8, according to a release. At the show, Saputo will showcase these new items as well as other new branded items from its portfolio including Montchevre® goat cheese, Vitalite® plant-based cheese, Cathedral City® cheddar and, new to Saputo—Wensleydale® English Cheddar.

I, for one, cannot think of a better way to ring in a celebration than with new cheese varieties! So, give you shoppers the chance to join in the excitement by adding Saputo’s new Stella Import collection to your dairy case.

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