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Schuman Cheese’s Allison Schuman Discusses Cheese Category Trends Driving Demand

Schuman Cheese’s Allison Schuman Discusses Cheese Category Trends Driving Demand

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

When I look into the future, I see cheese. At least, that is what I see as Schuman Cheese’s Allison Schuman and I take a moment to examine the cheese trends set to drive demand all 2022. With an inside look at the evolving category, the cheesemaker is helping buyers turn these trends into dollars with its broad portfolio.

Allison Schuman, Chief Business Development Officer, Schuman Cheese“Consumer trends in the cheese segment are rooted in occasions and experiences, and we put ourselves at the center of those moments to stay one step ahead of category shifts,” Allison, the cheese titan’s Chief Business Development Officer, tells me. “We make it our mission to engage our consumers at the most intimate levels through social media, experiential marketing, traditional in-store methods, and more, to truly understand their ever-evolving tastes, needs, and habits.”

One of the trends Schuman Cheese is forecasting for the remainder of 2022 includes soaring demand for diverse, palate-pleasing, flavored cheeses, which the company is meeting with the expansion of its Cello brand Rubbed Fontals line. Bringing more unique, satisfying flavor varieties to market, the purveyor plans to introduce two brand-new flavors to the lineup this year.

Schuman Cheese is helping buyers turn these rising trends into dollars with its broad portfolio

In addition, the company is also predicting the continued growth of the plant-based dairy market. Tapping into this demand with its innovative Vevan Foods brand, the company plans to expand its product portfolio to appeal to vegan and flexitarian shoppers. This includes the newest upcoming addition to the lineup, UnCreamCheese, which will capitalize on the demand for innovative flavor profiles in the plant-based sector. This advantageous new launch will include Plain, Garlic & Herb, and Caramelized Peach & Maple flavors, with more exciting varieties to come.

“The cheese case is very full, and distinct packaging and flavors bring shoppers to the case and can help differentiate in a sea of sameness,” Allison says, outlining a few key strategies for drawing attention to the category. “We have also found that intriguing recipes and unique ways of using our products have piqued the interest of consumers and have them looking for ways to use products they may be unfamiliar with.”

The company also offers a line of Cello Ultimate Cheese Melts, which offer convenience and flavor to shoppers in the form of three SKUs

Schuman Cheese has a product for every cheese-loving shopper. Most recently, the purveyor released a line of Cello Ultimate Cheese Melts in three enticing flavor blends, in addition to the Cello’s Simple Pleasures Entertaining Tray, which provides shoppers a delicious, ready-to-go cheese board. And, as Allison points out, more unique launches may be on the way.

“We have some big plans across several of our brands to continue innovating beyond product to really deliver for our customers on educational opportunities and experiences!” she notes.

As the cheese provider continues to do just that, keep reading Deli Market News for the latest updates.

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