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Shaft's Cheese & Co. Talks Rebrand and Storied Brand History; Andrea Whitfield Comments

Shaft's Cheese & Co. Talks Rebrand and Storied Brand History; Andrea Whitfield Comments

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022

Those of us in the cheesemaking industry know the importance of story. Communicating craftsmanship and heart allows for companies to connect both the buy-side and the consumers they service with quality products that tantalize both their taste buds and their imagination. Being memorable is part of the game nowadays.

Shaft’s Cheese & Co. has been memorable from its founding. John Gibson Sr., of Rumiano Cheese Company fame, founded the company in 1999 after he was offered a taste of an aged blue cheese. When he tasted the aged blue cheese, he knew he had to share it with the world. He perfected the process by aging it in a mine shaft in the foothills of California. Over 20 years later, the company continues to bring California craft to the forefront with a rebrand.

Over 20 years of cheesemaking craftsmanship centers Shaft’s Cheese & Co. as a Californian company to watch

“The rebrand matches who we are today and sets us up for where we are going,” remarked Andrea Whitfield, Marketing Director. “Family-owned and operated for almost 20 years, Shaft’s was founded on our uniquely aged blue cheeses that people have come to love. We have an expanded team and are excited to be able to offer more great products in the future.”

The most immediate change is the update to the company’s name. Shifting from Shaft’s Cheese to Shaft’s Cheese & Co. allows the operation a chance to add complimentary products to its cheese portfolio.

Shaft's Cheese & Co.'s recent rebrand sets the company up for product portfolio expansions

“The mountains remained, though, because they really represent where we began. Our cheese was originally aged in a mineshaft—hence our name!—in the foothills of Northern California. We are very proud of this history and the aging process we’ve perfected to create the flavors of our cheeses,” Andrea commented.

Additional updates to the company’s labels keep its product looking fresh and modern.

“We’re easy to spot—a circular label with some metallic elements. On the back, you can find additional information you might be searching for, where we highlight our story and some attributes you may not know. For example, due to our long aging process, we are actually lactose free!” Andrea conveyed.

The new label is a fresh and modern update, highlighting Shaft's Cheese & Co. as a lifestyle-centric cheese company

Being a trusted brand in the cheese case, Shaft’s Cheese & Co. has the added benefit of bringing a culinary experience to the table. Centering itself as a brand with lifestyle appeal, the company makes entertaining a focus.

After all, they know a thing or two about good cheese.

Shaft's Cheese & Co.