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Silver Fern Farms Expands Along Eastern Seaboard

Silver Fern Farms Expands Along Eastern Seaboard

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Consumers are hungry for understanding. Understanding the purpose, mission, and values behind companies coming to market, that is. It’s little wonder then that Silver Fern Farms is courting this hunger for knowledge, telling the story of its meat production methods and connecting consumers to the process. I spoke with Matt Luxton, Silver Fern Farms’ Director U.S. Sales, to find out more.

Matt Luxton, Director of U.S. Sales, Silver Fern Farms“The consumer is wanting to understand things like environmental sustainability, animal welfare, nutritional benefits, and if foods are naturally raised. And those things are obviously what we pride ourselves in,” Matt explained to me.

Before entering the U.S. market, Silver Fern Farms did extensive research into what consumers are after in terms of meat products. These conscious consumers are interested in key touch points, such as high animal welfare standards and lowering their carbon footprint. Not only does New Zealand have the highest animal welfare standards in the world, Silver Fern Farms is on its way to becoming one of the world’s first carbon neutral meat companies. This year, it became New Zealand’s first red meat company to gain ISO certification for measuring greenhouse gas emissions and committing to a reduction plan.

Silver Fern Farms has been a presence in the United States for decades, supplying its beef, lamb, and venison to high-end restaurants. In October of this year, it announced its entrance into the U.S. retail market, launching its product in 14 Fairway Markets across the Tri-State region.

Before entering the U.S. market, Silver Fern Farms did extensive research into what consumers are after in terms of meat products

Providing the U.S. consumer with environmentally and socially responsible grass-fed beef, lamb, and venison is very important to Silver Fern Farms, enabling people to understand where and how their food is produced is fulfilling a consumer need that is in high demand in the USA, he stated.

“Additionally, we’ve come up with specific cuts that have zero food waste," Matt remarked. "For us, being able to provide a zero-waste product to the consumer enables both the consumer and the retailer to have a good experience.”

Offering support through the buying and the eating experience, Silver Fern Farms takes great care in educating consumers on the benefits of 100 percent-grass-fed beef.

“The QR codes on the back of the pack point consumers to recipe suggestions and locate all of the regions in New Zealand that our product is from. As the world’s most successful and sustainable grass-fed company, we’re very open with shoppers about exactly what product they’re getting,” Matt concluded.

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