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Simple Mills Recruits First Chief Cheese Officer; Katlin Smith Shares

Simple Mills Recruits First Chief Cheese Officer; Katlin Smith Shares

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Earlier this month, we reported that Simple Mills had launched its new Cheddar Pop Mmms™. To support this launch, the cracker maker has set out on a search for its first Chief Cheese Officer. The position is open to kids ages six to 12 who are cheese fanatics and will pay $10,000 to one candidate. The CCO will also taste test 50 different cheeses to help choose the next Pop Mmms flavor, handle “quality assurance” for each new batch, conduct “recess research” with friends for “consumer insights,” and serve as Simple Mills’ official CHEESEfluencer.

Katlin Smith, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Simple Mills“We’re thrilled to bring on our first Chief Cheese Officer, let alone the youngest C-Suite member we’ve ever had,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer Katlin Smith. “While our mission to advance the holistic health of people and the planet is a cornerstone for everything we do, taste will always reign supreme when designing new innovations. We know kids will share their honest and unfiltered feedback about their snack options, so this role is going to be critical in providing insights for future Pop Mmms™ flavors and other cheese-forward products. We’re ready to go straight to the source and find a CCO who is passionate about all things bold and cheesy!”

Crafted with a wholesome vegetable blend that includes organic butternut squash and organic red bean, Pop Mmms deliver on texture and taste, offering a unique crispy, airy finish, baked full of flavor from real organic cheddar cheese. According to a press release, Simple Mills created the CCO role to get these crunchy, poppable crackers into as many hands and households as possible.

Simple Mills is on the search for its first Chief Cheese Officer in tandem with its newest Cheddar Pop Mmms™ launch

Simple Mills’ new CCO will start his or her duties from September 1 to October 1 of this year, with travel to Simple Mills’ office in Chicago, Illinois. Parents can nominate their cheese lovers for the role by submitting a short video of their child talking about why they should be chosen as Simple Mills’ CCO.

We wish the best of luck to all these very serious applicants.

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