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Somerdale International Acquires Abergavenny Fine Foods' Blended Cheese Business

Somerdale International Acquires Abergavenny Fine Foods' Blended Cheese Business

Monday, January 11th, 2021

With companies across the industry making big moves to expand as 2021 kicks off, it came as no surprise when we heard that Somerdale International would be joining the list of movers and shakers with the acquisition of Abergavenny Fine Foods' (AFF) blended cheese business. The business was acquired for an undisclosed amount, but includes the transfer of the AFF’s blended cheese processing assets, brands, and associated trademarks to Somerdale, furthering its position as a leading supplier of blended cheese across the globe.

Alan Jenkins, Director, Somerdale International“We are delighted to have acquired the assets of AFF’s blended cheese business,” said Alan Jenkins, Director of Somerdale International. “In particular, it will strengthen our position as the leading exporter of British blended cheeses to the U.S. and, working closely with our award-winning cheese makers, it will enable us to give greater focus to the development of brands such as Red Dragon, which is already one of our largest selling brands in the U.S. market.”

Through this new deal, Somerdale will acquire well-established brands such as Tintern™ and Harlech™ which were originally produced in partnership with Somerdale, according to a press release. The acquisition will allow Somerdale to continue to grow and develop its portfolio of blended cheeses across the international marketplace. Somerdale already has plans in the works to increase sales and develop new products through the acquisition.

Somerdale International recently announced that it has completed its acquisition of Abergavenny Fine Foods (AFF)

“Across both established international markets such as North America and Australia, and new emerging markets such as China, sales of our branded blended cheeses are growing strongly. Key to this is our ability to offer innovative and great tasting flavor combinations; create tailored and seasonal blended cheeses that can provide real excitement and a point of difference to a cheese fixture; and respond to the growing consumer-demand for demonstrable quality, provenance, and the evermore important use of clean ingredients and labelling,” continued Jenkins. “Our acquisition of the AFF blended cheese business will reinforce both our capacity and capabilities in this fast-growing and dynamic part of the market.”

Through this new deal, Somerdale International will acquire well-established brands such as Tintern™ and Harlech™

Following the acquisition, Somerdale will be transferring the production of the blended cheese to its award-winning cheese maker partners. This included Joseph Heler, a third-generation family-run cheesemaker that has already helped produce Somerdale’s popular Westminster and Coopers Hill brands.

As Somerdale continues to expand its ever-growing footprint across the cheese market, Deli Market News will keep our ears to the newswire to bring you all of the company’s latest moves and other pressing news from across the industry.

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