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Stater Bros. Celebrates 83rd Anniversary With Brand Refresh

Stater Bros. Celebrates 83rd Anniversary With Brand Refresh

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

After 83 years, California-based grocer Stater Bros. is getting a makeover. The new look, which comes on the heels of a new President, is described by Executive Vice President, Dennis McIntyre as “simple, clean, and uncluttered.” Stater Bros. is hoping to expand this updated look, with plans to refurbish 45 of its stores by October of this year.

The grocer’s dated look has been refreshed to coincide with its 83rd anniversary

He explained to The Orange County Register that “we want our customers to have a relaxing shopping experience.” The news source also reported that the retailer has been slowly introducing a more stylish look in recent years, repainting, reflooring, and relighting store interiors with warmer, more inviting tones, and has added popular grocery accoutrements like sushi and expanded wine and beer selections.

The grocer’s old look was dated, and the company’s leadership agreed that the existing corporate imagery did not reflect its evolution. The new, revamped logo was unveiled at its Tustin, California, store, but has also been rolled out on the retailer’s website and in its weekly mailer, which goes into detail about the rebranding rationale, according to The Orange County Register. The stylish new branding seeks to communicate to shoppers the extensive changes that the chain has undergone.

Will the cleaner, more trendy visuals tempt new generations of shoppers? Keep reading Deli Market News for updates.

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