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Stefano Tedesco Details Latest Additions to Maestri d’Italia Ahead of Summer Shows

Stefano Tedesco Details Latest Additions to Maestri d’Italia Ahead of Summer Shows

Friday, June 3rd, 2022

It’s starting to heat up around here, and I’m not just talking about the weather in Sacramento, California. Over on the East Coast, the Maestri d’Italia team is preparing to show up and show out at not only the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) 2022 but also at Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS). I called up General Manager Stefano Tedesco to get the inside scoop on Maestri’s recent rebrand in addition to the new offerings to the charcuterie supplier’s portfolio.

Stefano Tedesco, General Manager, Maestri d’Italia“We have pivoted our focus from just being known as a go-to prosciutto provider in the United States, and we’re taking on the position of the Charcuterie Masters in the market,” explains Stefano. “Maestri d’Italia was first established in 2014. Now that we have grown and become more established in the market, we wanted to redesign our logo to show a younger brand and be more in line with changing consumer behavior.”

Launched in January of this year, Maestri’s new logo has already taken its place across the supplier’s portfolio of slow-cooked, chubs, pre-sliced, strips, and specialty products. As shoppers continue to seek different ways to entertain and be entertained in grocery stores, the refreshed logo broadens the company’s attraction and capabilities to provide new and exciting products, including its latest launches of antipasti, bone-in Italian Prosciutto, Spanish and Italian unique charcuterie such as ’Nduja, Italian bacon, and Chorizo Español.

Maestri d’Italia unveiled a rebrand earlier this year, broadening its attraction and capabilities with its new position as Charcuterie Masters in the market, alongside the launch of several new products such as its Guanciale strips and ’Nduja

“Maestri became a selector for consumers looking to try new products and specialty items. Thanks to our knowledge, connections, and long-lasting partnerships with our producers, we can bring brand-new items to the United States market,” Stefano continues. “We position ourselves as innovators, not just in products but in categories. One example is in our strips category. We recently launched our Guanciale in strips.”

The supplier is expanding the possibilities consumers can use Guanciale with its innovative strip format. Hand-cut to include succulent pieces of fat with meat in every single piece, the new Guanciale strips give way to recipe possibilities, such as in a carbonara and amatriciana traditional pasta. Maestri plans to launch the new strips at IDDBA and SFFS this summer, along with new items.

The charcuterie curator will also be highlighting its new Italian bacon and Chorizo Español at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association 2022 and Specialty Food Association’s 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show

“This year, we are planning on showcasing our whole lineup along with some new items, such as our Italian bacon,” says Stefano. “We are also planning on launching a couple of other products to the U.S. market, along with a new category. It’s going to be an exciting year.”

I already can’t wait! If you’re interested in learning more about the rebrand and these new products—and to try them out for yourself—be sure to stop by Maestri’s IDDBA booth at #4228 before June 7 and mark the SFFS booth at #3045 between June 12 and June 14.

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