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Sysco Launches New Chef-Tested Menu Concepts Through Cutting Edge Solutions Platform

Sysco Launches New Chef-Tested Menu Concepts Through Cutting Edge Solutions Platform

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Sysco first launched its Cutting Edge Solutions platform back in 2017 to support the foodservice industry. Continuing this ongoing support, the company recently rolled out another nine new innovative concepts.

Judy Sansone, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Sysco (Photo credit: NACDS Annual)“Now more than ever, foodservice operators must provide differentiated offerings to succeed in this challenging operating environment. Sysco’s Cutting Edge Solutions platform offers our customers unique and on-trend products to stay ahead of their competition and provide chef-tested menu items that are not only innovative, but also provide labor and operational savings,” said Judy Sansone, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

Following the introduction of its Foodie Solutions Toolkit and its ongoing efforts to support industry workers and frontline associates, the new and differentiated products expand on the company's efforts to boost foodservice success. The offerings will be available exclusively from Sysco and give foodservice operators unique menu offerings, innovative meal solutions, and environmentally friendly cleaning and beverage products to utilize.

Sysco recently launched new chef-tasted menu concepts through its Cutting Edge Solutions platform

The Spring 2021 Cutting Edge Solutions products are now available, according to a press release, and include:

  • On-Trend Plant-Based Vegetable Pastas - Sysco Simply Plant-Based Vegetable Pastasare pre-cooked, deliver great flavor and texture, and are ready-to-serve in under four minutes. Available options include penne, rotini, a curly noodle, and orzo
  • Labor-Saving Chicken Concepts - Imperial Shredded Chicken Tenderloins are pre-cooked, versatile, and can be utilized in a wide variety of menu concepts. Another labor-saving chicken concept is the Sysco Classic Crispy Milanese Chicken Breast, which is fully-cooked and ultra-thin, making them perfect for fast preparation in any kitchen
  • Perfect Fries for Takeout and Delivery - The distinctive red batter and size of the Sysco Imperial Red Battered Jumbo Crinkle Cut Fries provide a savory potato flavor and striking visual appearance. More importantly, the thickness and battered coating of these fries help to retain heat and maintain crispiness for a superior hold time, making them perfect for takeout, curbside, and delivery menus
  • Latin-Inspired Innovation - The unique flavors of Mexican street corn (elote) and shrimp come to life in Portico Classic Mexican Street Corn Breaded Shrimp. This savory new product features succulent tail-off, peeled, and deveined shrimp in a crunchy corn coating with a blend of chili, lime, and cotija cheese
  • Desserts with a Twist - Simply Plant-Based Cheesecakes are made with a custom blend of sustainably-sourced dairy-free cream cheese, dairy-free sour cream, cocoa powder, and natural vanilla, all sweetened with natural sugar cane and nestled in a cookie crumble crust. The Classic Hot Chocolate S’More Cake is a soft and rich chocolate cake topped with gooey marshmallow and served on an authentic graham cracker crust

To see the rest of the new offerings introduced by Sysco, click here. The company is making it easy for foodservice operators to become customers through fast onboarding, convenient credit card payments, and no minimum order size requirements for regularly scheduled deliveries.

As we wait to see what Sysco’s next offering will be, keep reading the latest reports from Deli Market News.