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Take Two Foods Launches Barley-Based Milk

Take Two Foods Launches Barley-Based Milk

Monday, June 15th, 2020

The alternative dairy category sure is a breeding ground for forward-thinking, innovation, and overall industry progress. From soy to almond, coconut to oat, plant-based dairy is where it’s at, which is why Take Two Foods is adding a new contender to the mix. The brand just debuted one of the world’s first Barleymilks.

Sarah Pool, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Take Two Foods"Our commitment is to craft the world's most remarkable plant-based foods made with the highest-quality ingredients, while championing the planet's resources. Food that tastes amazing and truly nourishes, without the environmental impact," said Co-Founder and CEO Sarah Pool.

You might be asking, “Why barley?” To which Take Two Foods responds with: Barley is an ancient grain and superfood with countless health benefits, with billions of pounds produced each year by the global beer industry. Take Two Foods takes this grain a step further by upcycling it into a powerhouse, nutrient-rich, plant-based protein called rejuvenated barley, which is then used in the company’s Barleymilk for less global waste and a healthier planet, according to a press release.

Take Two Foods is adding a new contendor to the plant-based mix, recently debuting one of the world’s first Barleymilks

Available in four delicious and nourishing flavors—Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Chef’s Blend—Take Two launched its new product in grocery stores, coffee shops, and cafes across the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles. The product touts a creamy, smooth, and rich finish that is perfect for crafting barista-quality beverages—whether consumers are a certified barista or not. The latest plant-based innovation also contains protein, fiber, calcium, good fats, and 50 percent less sugar than other flavored plant-based milks.

Matt Olsofsky, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Take Two Foods"We wanted to bring back the joy and nostalgia of drinking a glass of milk. Our Barleymilk does just that,” added Co-Founder and COO Matt Olsofsky.

Overall, Barleymilk raises the bar for what plant-based milk can bring to the table, while also adhering to the highest standards of taste, nutrition, and sustainability.

Will Barleymilk create a new, hot trend with consumers? Deli Market News will continue to follow where our industry leads.

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