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Trader Joe's Announces New Stores in Arizona, New Jersey, and California

Trader Joe's Announces New Stores in Arizona, New Jersey, and California

Friday, February 7th, 2020

While most grocery retailers prefer to be as vocal as possible when it comes to store expansions, Trader Joe's strategy is different. As it continues to map out its own growth across the U.S., the grocer prefers to quietly announce its new store locations on its company page. This time around, Trader Joe's is announcing not one, but three stores are slated to open in three vastly different markets.

In its first announcement, Trader Joe’s revealed it will be moving into North Hollywood, California—the grocer’s home state. The official location of this new store is 6130 Laurel Canyon Bl.

Trader Joe's announced three stores are slated to open—with one taking up residence in New Jersey

The cult grocery icon is also touching down on 775 Haddonfield Rd, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and 940 E. University Ave, in Tempe, Arizona. The latter of the two will open up shop at Arizona State University—a unique store concept that this trade news writer can't wait to see unfold.

No other information was given at this time, with the retailer stating, “We'll continue to post new details about the store and its opening here, so please check back for updates.”

Where will Trader Joe’s drop anchor next? Deli Market News will continue to follow the industry's beat as we bring you the latest news.

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