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Trader Joe's Opens New Store in New York's East Village

Trader Joe's Opens New Store in New York's East Village

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Trader Joe’s is heading into 2020 with its foot on the gas of its expansion plans, recently cutting the ribbon on a new store mere days into the new year. The grocer announced plans for a ninth store in Manhattan back in May, with the expectation that the new store would support its urban expansion in New York state and the rest of the country.

“We’ve consulted our maps and compass and have found a terrific location for a store in New York (East Village), New York,” read an announcement on Trader Joe’s website, which disclosed that the grand opening of the new store took place this week, on January 6, 2020.

Trader Joe's announced it is opening a new store in the East Village of New York

Along with the new East Village location, Trader Joe’s is also rumored to be eyeing Long Island as another spot of growth to continue upping its store count. Multiple New York store openings are part of the retailer’s continued expansion initiatives, which at the end of 2019, saw stores debut in Idaho, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

What market will Trader Joe’s target next? Deli Market News will keep you posted.

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