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Trader Joe's Receives Promotional Push From Fleet of Instagrammers

Trader Joe's Receives Promotional Push From Fleet of Instagrammers

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

As the saying goes, once in a blue moon something magical happens, something outside of the norm of the everyday. But for Trader Beaus, official news from their favorite grocery chain, Trader Joe's, doesn't fall in that category. In fact, the industry at large regularly hears radio silence from Trader Joe's, which has led many to wonder how Trader Joe's promotes itself and its products or, at the very least, continues to stoke the flames of its fan club's adoration.

Vox posits that one way the cult grocery icon has remained relevant and at the top of its shoppers' minds is all thanks to the hard work of a few popular Instagram accounts. According to the news source, dozens of Instagrammers lay in waiting for new products to grace their lord and savior’s shelves and then report on said products to their thousands and thousands of followers (we're talking upwards of 50K!).

Instagram accounts like traderjoesglutenfree are proving to be Trader Joe's secret promotional weapon and strategy

Accounts like @traderjoesglutenfree, @traderjoeslist, @traderjoesaficionado, @traderjoeskitchen, and more have all garnered their own mass followings simply by doing what Trader Joe’s chooses not to and, as a result, have become one of the grocer's secret weapons—allegedly unbeknownst to Trader Joe's itself.

While the retailer hasn’t laid claim to any of these accounts—Vox even reports that representatives from Trader Joe’s have sent letters to some influencers urging them to clarify they are not affiliated with the grocer—no one can say TJ’s isn’t benefitting from the free publicity. It’s a unique strategy and one that pairs well with the retailer's allusiveness and mysteriousness.

Will more retailers look to social media to find their next taskforce of promotional manpower? Deli Market News will continue to follow all grocery retail movements.

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