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US Foods Opens New Facility

US Foods Opens New Facility

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Sacramentans, a.k.a. Kings fans, a.k.a Sac residents, are always ready to welcome newcomers with open arms—most recently with US Foods. The foodservice distributor had previously announced in July 2018 that it was planning on opening a $71.6 million distribution center in McClellan Park and has recently released a statement that the company is following through and breaking ground on the 355,000-square-foot facility.

Bernie Orsini, Area President, Northern California, US Foods“We are excited about the opportunities this state-of-the-art facility will bring to the region as we continue to showcase our commitment to helping independent restaurant operators across Northern California succeed,” said Bernie Orsini, Area President for Northern California. “This is an important investment made possible by the dedication of our US Foods leadership in partnership with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, the Governor’s Office of Business, and Economic Development and Sacramento County, and we’d like to extend our gratitude for their ongoing support.”

The distribution center is scheduled to start operations toward the end of 2020

The facility is planned to open at the end of this year and will house thousands of foodservice products, as well as a meat cutting facility and fleet operations. A press release noted that a full-service demonstration kitchen will provide both a space for recipe innovation and customer product demos.

Reaching rigorous energy-saving standards, the facility is designed to meet LEED Silver certification requirements and will incorporate energy and environmental improvements, including energy efficient refrigeration systems, energy-saving LED lighting, optimized HVAC systems, and water-saving landscaping.

To learn more about this center, keep reading Deli Market News.

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Celebrating Goat Cheese as it Should be

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