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Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Discusses Popular Enjoy AperiTime and Snack Lines

Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Discusses Popular Enjoy AperiTime and Snack Lines

Monday, December 5th, 2022

A trip to Italy is definitely on my bucket list. But until the day that plane takes flight, I’m indulging in Italian traditions with the help of Veroni. The charcuterie maven has brought coveted flavors to grocery stores through its uniquely crafted Enjoy AperiTime and Snack lines, and Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, recently spoke with me to share a little more.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni Salumi“Our research and development department constantly works on products that meet the needs of today’s consumers,” shares Emanuela. “We always look for new opportunities to let consumers taste our charcuterie and have a bite of Italian tradition—this is the only way to make them understand and appreciate the high quality and the concept of charcuterie imported from Italy. With the tasting experience, we aim to implement a consumer education strategy, and our relationship with buyers helps us to identify dormant trends in the market.”

Launched in 2020, Veroni’s Enjoy AperiTime line draws inspiration from the well-known Italian ritual of “aperitivo.” For Italians, aperitivo serves as a relaxing way to mingle with friends in the evening, typically consisting of a light meal paired with cocktails.

Veroni is meeting the needs of today’s consumers with its Enjoy AperiTime and Snack lines, which bring a bite of Italian tradition to retail shelves

“We wanted to bring this beloved experience to life for Americans, combining Italian charcuterie with typical aperitivo food pairings and products that meet local consumers’ preferences,” Emanuela notes. “One of four pairing variations of Enjoy AperiTime features Veroni’s imported Italian Prosciutto and Salame paired with Provolone cheese, olives, and breadsticks—the classic ingredients of an aperitivo. The other three options include Italian Prosciutto, spicy Salame, Soppressata, and Coppa paired with Provolone cheese and dried fruits that Americans love. This successful line meets the trend of happy hour growing more and more in the United States.”

Complementing this line, Veroni’s snack line channels the concept of the Italian merenda, a rich-in-protein offering that comes in practical packaging to take on the go.

Channeling the concept of the Italian merenda, Veroni’s snack line allows shoppers to indulge in authentic Italian flavors while on the go

“Our authentic Italian cold cuts are combined with cheese and Italian breadsticks or dried fruits for a snack that guarantees a correct amount of proteins and a big taste at the same time. With this line, we aim to allow U.S. consumers to indulge in authentic Italian flavors while enjoying a product that is tailored to their lifestyle and able to satisfy their demand for nutrient-rich foods,” Emanuela says.

Serving the grab-and-go segment, the snack line gives shoppers an ideal option to enjoy a food break in the office, at school, or after the gym. To help drive sales for these products, Veroni works closely with retailers in order to create dedicated promotions, especially following the American holiday calendar. The enticing lineup also comes in an eye-catching box that helps grocers boost sales year-round.

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