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Volpi Foods Honored With 2023 Mindful Company of the Year Award; Lorenza Pasetti and Travis Grant Discuss

Volpi Foods Honored With 2023 Mindful Company of the Year Award; Lorenza Pasetti and Travis Grant Discuss

Friday, June 16th, 2023

Volpi Foods has gained a new title as Mindful Company of the Year. The St. Louis-based meat producer was recently recognized with a coveted award by the 2023 Mindful Awards Program.

Lorenza Pasetti, Chief Executive Officer, Volpi Foods"We are honored to receive the 'Mindful Company of the Year' award," commented Lorenza Pasetti, Chief Executive Officer of Volpi. "Our goal is to create a better future for generations to come while still providing consumers with the best products possible. This award recognizes our efforts to reduce food waste, increase sustainability, and promote the fair treatment of animals."

The Mindful Awards program recognizes companies and products that prioritize transparency, fair wages, sustainable business practices, recycled or recyclable materials, and natural or organic ingredients, according to a press release. With mindfulness influencing all aspects of its business, Volpi stood out among the 1,650 nominations received in an extremely competitive year.

In terms of its operational strategies, Volpi is committed to animal welfare and sustainability. The company uses Raised Responsibly™ standards to ensure that the animals have natural, free movement and are not kept in gestation crates or given growth hormones. Volpi only aligns itself with Midwestern farms that ensure these practices, and works with suppliers to promote a better environment for the animals while creating a higher-quality product as a result.

Volpi Foods was recently named Mindful Company of the Year by the 2023 Mindful Awards Program

Another key element of Volpi’s mindfulness initiatives is its innovative approach to minimizing waste. As the release went on to note, Volpi has introduced innovative products that upcycle scraps, such as its Pepperoni and Chorizo Crumbles made from the ends of sliced products that have been chopped off. The supplier also has a robust donation program with local St. Louis food pantries.

On the packaging front, Volpi has reduced plastic waste by 80 percent through its pre-sliced line, which is packaged in its new Eco-Pack™ paper-based packing that is FSC-certified and derived from responsibly managed forests; since its launch in 2021, Volpi has diverted over 128 tons of plastic from landfills.

"Volpi Foods' sustainability efforts are exceptional," said Managing Director of Mindful Awards Travis Grant. "The company's commitment to Raised Responsibly pork, Eco-Pack packaging, and food waste reduction initiatives are impressive. Volpi is leading the industry and letting consumers know how much the company honestly cares about the future."

Congratulations to Volpi Foods on this recent achievement and its continuous growth through operational excellence.

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