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Wakefern Food Corp. Expands Data Partnership With Catalina

Wakefern Food Corp. Expands Data Partnership With Catalina

Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Consumers are at the center of one of Wakefern Food Corp.'s most recent initiatives. The company recently announced that it will expand its partnership with shopper intelligence company Catalina to leverage its ecosystem of data-driven solutions, including an Anonymized Transaction Database. This partnership will help consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands understand shopper behavior more deeply while expanding digital engagement with shoppers in Wakefern's retail geographies.

Elizabeth Goodbread, Director of Digital Commerce, Wakefern Food Corp."We are always looking for new ways to connect shoppers with brands they love," said Elizabeth Goodbread, Director of Digital Commerce for Wakefern. "Equally important is ensuring that every step is conducted with the utmost care and attention to consumer privacy and security."

CPG brands will be able to leverage data insights to deliver highly personalized messages to shoppers to maximize product launches, gain share within their CPG categories, and even measure the impact of their media on in-store sales during or after a campaign across the larger grocery ecosystem, which now includes Wakefern banners.

Wakefern Food Corp. will help consumer packaged goods by expanding its partnership with shopper intelligence company Catalina

A press release explained that CPG brands working with Wakefern will have the ability to access Catalina's suite of campaign insights and optimization and measurement tools aimed at delivering transparency and performance metrics. Additionally, brands can engage current and potential shoppers outside of Wakefern's walls and digital platform through Catalina's precise multi-channel coordination.

West Naze, Vice President of Retail Digital Strategy, Catalina"As market conditions and shopper preferences evolve, we are pleased to help Wakefern's brand partners transform data into actionable insights to deliver value to existing shoppers in innovative ways, while building relationships with new shoppers, to grow their business," said West Naze, VP of Retail Digital Strategy for Catalina. "Since our first day in 1983, Catalina has had no higher priority than ensuring the privacy and security of the data entrusted to us around the globe. Maintaining consumer trust is paramount to the continued success of our business partners."

How will this partnership drive growth for Wakefern and its allies? Stay tuned as Deli Market News reports.

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