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Walmart Partners With Coupa to Enhance Business Spend Management

Walmart Partners With Coupa to Enhance Business Spend Management

Friday, November 6th, 2020

Walmart’s partnership with Coupa Software has proved to bring several opportunities for growth to the retailer’s operations. The Business Spend Management (BSM) company is now working with Walmart to expand the partnership as they hone in on its source-to-pay process. In doing so, Walmart expects to enhance visibility, create new efficiencies, and drive incremental savings.

DK Singh, Chief Procurement Officer, Walmart"Today, we have multiple, complex procurement systems across our business. Coupa's unique technology solution will help us optimize and harmonize our source-to-pay processes, providing cost savings, a simplified system and greater ease of use," said DK Singh, Chief Procurement Officer at Walmart.

Walmart selected Coupa to leverage its modern and comprehensive platform, industry-leading source-to-pay and contracting solutions, and like-minded focus on delivering the best value to its customers. The retailer currently uses Coupa to optimize the sourcing of significant third-party spend in North America, according to a press release.

Walmart recently expanded its partnership with Coupa Software to enhance visibility into its global spend, create better efficiencies across its business, and drive incremental savings in the company's end-to-end procurement process

The two will now embark on a phased rollout to expand adoption of the Coupa BSM Platform with procurement and advanced management solutions. This will help Walmart to not only optimize spend for highly complex sourcing events and categories, but also drive incremental savings through spend efficiencies.

Rob Bernshteyn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Coupa Software"We are thrilled to be selected as Walmart's Business Spend Management provider to help optimize performance, visibility and control, and value across their spend and contracting processes," said Rob Bernshteyn, Chairman and CEO at Coupa. "We look forward to bringing the same cost-conscious mindset to their business spend activities that they employ through their omni-channel, everyday low price approach to serving millions of customers each week."

We at Deli Market News are eager to report what’s next for Walmart, so stay tuned.