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Walmart Reveals New Contactless Format at Supercenters

Walmart Reveals New Contactless Format at Supercenters

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

As retailers continue to vie for more shopper loyalty, Walmart stands apart from the rest. The big-box retailer is elevating the shopping experience by embracing the age of technology, unveiling a long-awaited new format with innovation at the forefront.

Janey Whiteside, Chief Customer Officer, Walmart“Today, our imagination becomes a reality as we unveil a completely new look and feel focusing on a digitally enabled shopping experience,” said Janey Whiteside, EVP and Chief Customer Officer. “Developed through a customer-centric lens, the design creates an elevated experience that appeals to shoppers through a sleek design aesthetic, a layout that spotlights products, and an end-to-end digital navigation that guides customers throughout their journeys.”

In a statement penned by Whiteside herself, this monumental transformation has been several years in the making. Consumers seek out products that are convenient, thereby turning to retailers that can provide that convenience reigns. This mindset is the reason why Walmart will be streamlining the shopping experience, endeavoring to save its customers time and allowing them to become more familiar with the retailer’s brand.

Walmart is setting out to elevate its shopping experience, unveiling a long-awaited new format with innovation at the forefront

Walmart’s new format includes:

  • Omni-Shopping Spark and Optimized Entrance - updated signage on the exterior and interior of stores to reflect the Walmart app icon, creating an instant omni-shopping experience in the customer’s mind
  • Airport Inspiration and Product Spotlight - developed simple yet thoughtful designs to replicate airport navigation efficiencies and optimized product layout, bringing greater visibility to key items
  • Contactless Checkout and Payment - implemented self-checkout kiosks and contactless payment solutions, including Walmart Pay and Scan & Go services

Whiteside divulged that Walmart will be rolling out the new format by the end of the fiscal year at 200 Supercenters, with plans to reach 1,000 stores by the next fiscal year.

How will this new format change the retail landscape? Keep checking back to Deli Market News as we keep a pulse on the newswire.