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Wegmans Debuts New Shopping App

Wegmans Debuts New Shopping App

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Grocery apps have become a necessity in recent years, as brick and mortar continues to shift to adapt to consumer needs and desires. With retailers innovating the connection between themselves and shoppers, Wegmans entered the ring with an innovation of its own. The grocer recently rolled out a new check-out app that plays into the no-contact measures of today’s world, while also touching upon strategic needs for the future.

WGRZ reported that Wegmans launched the new SCAN app, which has been tested at select stores over the past year. Certain Wegmans shoppers in the Buffalo, New York, market now have access to the SCAN app, allowing them to scan their groceries before placing them in the cart.

This contact-free brick-and-mortar strategy is in step with other retailers such as Kroger, Meijer, and Walmart, a sure sign that grocers are looking to infuse convenience into every layer of the grocery experience.

Wegmans SCAN innovation was created to help provide a smooth and efficient shopping experience.

As the future of retail continues to unfold, Deli Market News will be ready to report.