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Whisps Launches Search for Its  Cheese Content Officer

Whisps Launches Search for Its "Cheese Content Officer"

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

The love for cheese is endless, but Whisps is looking to take it up a notch with a new creative outlet as it expands its board of creators. Recently, the cheese crisps company launched a search for its first-ever Cheese Content Officer or CCO.

Ilana Fischer, Chief Executive Officer, Whisps Snacks“There are two things I consumed almost every day over the course of the past year: cheese and content,” said Ilana Fischer, Chief Executive Officer of Whisps. “It was obvious that our next Big Cheese Search should focus on finding one of these talented content creators and challenge them to take their work to the next (cheesy) level.”

According to the company’s release, Whisps is on the lookout for a CCO who will be paid $10,000 in cash and unlimited Whisps to work with the company to develop this year’s branded content, giving them both real-world experience and national exposure for their work.

Ellen Donato, Associate Brand Manager, Whisps“Over the past year, we have been inspired by all of the amazing content people have shared through social media,” Ellen Donato, Associate Brand Manager, said to Deli Market News. “Their fun bright joy to tough days and the content by our own community inspired us to focus on finding one of these talented content creators.”

To market the search this year, Whisps is putting more cheddar behind its efforts and will launch its first OOH billboards in cheesy cities like Stilton, South Carolina; Monterey, Georgia; Swiss, Missouri; and Colby, Washington. These billboards will go live the day of the search, along with paid, earned, and owned digital media; a brand new microsite; and additional marketing on store shelves.

“This year, we’ve upped the ante looking for a Cheese Content Officer to help us with cheesy content ideas, with the opportunity to receive $10,000 and a whole lot of cheddar,” continued Donato. “Given all the creativity we saw with our 5,500+ applicants last year ranging from ages 21-65+, we expect big things this year!”

One deserving candidate will be selected to temporarily join the company where they will work alongside the Whisps marketing team to help create cheesy content for the brand. As part of the role, the Cheese Content Officer will:

  • Receive A Bag Full of Cheddar: Get paid to be cheesy! Dance around in an orange tutu, pour a mug full of cheese...Whisps is open to whatever strikes this content creator’s fancy
  • Get Grate Advice: Be connected with in-house professionals at Whisps who will help develop and refine the CCO’s content-creating skills through feedback. The brand will also secure national exposure for the CCO’s produced work through paid advertising across multiple platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Munch on Cheese: Receive an unlimited supply of cheese crisps to fuel their creativity over the next year

This is the second annual iteration of Whisps’ Big Cheese Search campaign. Last year, in celebration of National Cheese Day, the company found its first Cheese-E-O and paid them $5,000 in cash and prizes to eat cheese for a year. The winner, Hailley Field from Los Angeles has been tasked with taste testing new and existing products and developing recipes for the brand over the past year. Last year’s program received nearly 6,000 applications across 49 states.

Deli Market News will keep our eyes on the radar for more cheesy news, so stay tuned.