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Whole Foods Market to Take Over Former Lucky's Market Location in Boulder, Colorado

Whole Foods Market to Take Over Former Lucky's Market Location in Boulder, Colorado

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

The retail market is a competitive one, necessitating consistent restrategizing and a readiness to pivot. Lucky’s Market is among those changing direction, having rallied its operations toward the onset of the year and refocusing through the decision to sell a number of locations. Whole Foods Market, too, is making changes, in this case having signed a lease to take over the 32,000-square-foot former Lucky’s space in Boulder, Colorado, according to Daily Camera.

Amazon-owned Whole Foods has been relatively quiet on the newsfront lately, but this resurgence could mean a grander expansion is in the works down the line. Although no plans have yet been revealed as to when the newly renovated store will open, it will be interesting to see how this adds to Whole Foods’ current presence in the region, as it currently operates two other stores in the Boulder area.

Whole Foods Market recently signed a lease to take over a Lucky's Market location in Boulder, Colorado

Lucky’s, an organic specialty banner, filed for bankruptcy in January, announcing it would sell 32 of its 39 operations. Interested parties have included Publix, Aldi, and Schnucks, while the remaining seven are to be purchased by Owners Bo and Trish Sharon.

Deli Market News will keep you in the loop as this and other retail shifts develop.

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