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Agropur, Transatlantic Foods

Agropur is investing over $100 million in its Luxemburg plant in Wisconsin. The investment will help to significantly increase the company's production capacity and improve the technology of the whey processing facility and wastewater treatment system. The project is expected to be completed in 2014. Doug Simon, President of the US Cheese Business Unit, states, “We are certainly very excited about this investment in the future of the Wisconsin dairy industry, as it provides employment opportunities for our employees and a stable home for milk produced in the area." Transatlantic Foods is picking up momentum on its Aux Delices des Bois line of artisanal bacons. The flavors include Cracked Black Peppercorn and Garlic, Herbes de Provence, Southwestern Kick and Original Farmhouse. Beginning in 2013, they can be found in Whole Foods markets. Thierry Farges, President and CEO, tells DeliMarketTV, "We slow age the bacon instead of speed curing with artificial additives such as nitrates. It's that long, slow cure that intensifies flavor. The spices stay on during cooking ensuring a full flavor experience."