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Atalanta Unveils Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese and Chocolaty Cherry Temptation

Crafted by the American Cheese Society award-winning Mariposa Dairy in Canada, the Celebrity brand is unveiling new and exciting flavors of its artisanal, hand-crafted cheeses just in time for the busy entertaining season. The delightful Apple and Cinnamon Goat Cheese features Celebrity’s classic tangy goat cheese, with an apple and cinnamon spiced swirled, wrapped in bits of tasty caramelized apples. The decadent Chocolaty Cherry Temptation takes fresh goat cheese and coats it in a combination of dark chocolate shavings and dried cherries for added texture and a sweet taste. Atalanta tells DeliMarket TV, "Stay healthy this holiday season with Celebrity Light Goat Cheese, featuring the full flavor of its Plain goat cheese with 30% less fat. All of these delectable products are perfect for entertaining, whether featured on a cheese board, or incorporated into your favorite cocktail party appetizers."