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Belle Chevre is introducing goat cheese cheesecake… the newest addition to its line of goat cheeses. The cheesecake, made with chevre instead of cream cheese, is higher in protein and lower in calories and made fresh and with all natural ingredients. President Tasia Malakasis, says quote, “This product fills a gap in the market for consumers looking for a high-end dessert from their grocery store.” The dessert has an extended shelf life when frozen and will be available for purchase on the company’s website and grocery chains nationwide. Arla has launched a new Danish Cheese to the U.S. market, its Aged Havarti. Not only is the cheese unique in flavor but it is the first Aged Havarti in the U.S. The production is based on traditional ways Danish Havarti cheese is made. The item offers a full-bodied Havarti flavor with undertones of caramel and nuts. Mette Hofman, Vice President of Marketing, tells DeliMarketTV, "We are excited to bring this tasty creation to market. It is the perfect time of year to share the flavor with friends and family while spicing up the deli department of retailers everywhere."