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New! Mild Blue Cheese - Born in caves. Today, our cheese are aged in a state-of-the-art facillity in Wisconsin.

Café Valley New Soda Cakes , Orlando Bakery True Grains Bread Line

Café Valley Bakery is introducing two more flavors to its popular line of Soda Cakes - A&W Root Beer Float Cake and Orange Crush Cake - following the success of its 7UP Cake, introduced last year. The company rolled out an in-store display contest that began May 1 and lasts until Aug 30. So far, it’s resulted in huge demand for the cakes throughout the country. The store that is selected to have the best display will take home $5,000 and be visited by celebrity chef Danny Boome one Saturday in October. Amy Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing, tells Delimarket.TV "There are remarkably creative Bakery Managers across the country making our baked goods stand out in their stores and showcasing THEIR own creative expression as well. It is truly inspirational!” Orlando Baking Company is rolling out two new additions to its True Grains bread line. Seedlicious – a bread rich in probiotics, and “Purple Wheat” – a raisin bread boasting antioxidants. Both meet the Cleveland Clinic’s GO! Food national nutritional guidelines including Minimal Saturated Fat, No Trans Fat, 100% Whole Grain, and Minimal Sodium. Before these trailblazing products, Probiotics, DHA Omega3s, and Antioxidants have never been found in bread. Erin Murphy, Marketing Coordinator, tells Delimarket.TV “We are an old world company that is innovative and willing to change some things with the times. Put simply, we want to make people feel good about eating bread again."