Comté Cheese Association, Flower Foods Acquisitions

The Comté Cheese Association is set to present at the 30th Annual American Cheese Society Conference in Madison, WI. At the conference, the Association will present its extensive research into the mechanisms behind flavor transmission in raw milk cheese in a seminar titled, “Terroir Taste in Cheese, Myth or Reality”on Friday, August 2nd. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to taste several Comté of the same age produced in different micro-regions. They’ll also be able to explore first-hand whether or not it’s possible to taste “terroir” in pressed, aged cheeses, and the mechanisms behind flavor transmission. Flowers Foods has acquired substantial bread assets including 20 bakeries; the Wonder, Home Pride, Butternut, and Nature's Pride brands; and 36 depots from Old Hostess bread for $355 million. Flowers Foods’ position as the second-largest baker in the U.S. is strengthened by the acquisition of the assets. The company noted that customers will be able to see many of these iconic brands return to stores shelves. President and CEO Allen Shiver said "These assets fit very well with our strategy to grow our fresh baked foods through market expansion and acquisitions.”