The Cookie Department New Product, Jack's Gourmet Pairs with Costco

Pioneers of the fully functional cookie concept, The Cookie Department, boasts a line of offerings with an extra boost in every bite. From caffeinated to protein-packed and everything in between, these cookies are much more than just a treat. In August, the company will be releasing "Cherry Bomb" a gluten free double chocolate chip cherry cookie fortified with Ganaden BC30 probiotics. Akiva Resnikoff, Founder and COO, tells Delimarket.TV, “Our claims for this cookie are a healthy digestion and a stronger immune system. This will be the first individually packaged probiotic cookie to the hit the market.” Jack’s Gourmet is pairing up with Costco to release its sweet Italian sausages in locations throughout the Northeast. Made with premium beef and fresh whole spices, the sausages will enhance any meal with authentic Italian flavor. They are also certified kosher, and are free of gluten, artificial ingredients, fillers, by-products, and MSG. Jack Silberstein, Co-Founder and CEO, says, “We’re excited to bring a double package of our Sweet Italian Sausage to Costco stores because this means that members can enjoy our top selling sausage at great savings.”