DCI Cheese, Sara Lee Premium Meats

DCI Cheese company’s in-house design team was recently recognized with three 2013 American Package Design Awards from Graphic Design USA magazine. The awards were presented to the company for having some of the best designed and most innovative packaging and in-store promotional materials in the foods and beverage industry. This year’s competition received 1,650 entries, placing DCI’s winning entries among the finest food and beverage designs produced over the last 24 months. Marketing manager, Katie Jury, said “Having an in-house team of designers with this magnitude of skill is a priceless asset to our brands and our customers Our products pop out of the cooler case thanks to their award-winning graphics.” Sara Lee Premium Meats is announcing that its turkey, chicken, and ham deli meats fit the American Heart Association criteria for heart-healthy food as part of an overall healthy dietary pattern and now feature the signature Heart-Check mark. Director, Joe O’Malley, states, “In listening to our consumers, we know they are looking for great taste, but also want to understand what goes into the products they are purchasing. With the recent steps we’ve taken to improve our deli meats, we’re providing consumers with heart-healthy options that have the fresh, delicious flavor that they have come to expect and nothing more.”